Everybody wants a CHEAPy (Manifesto by Marc Siegel/CHEAP)

„We are CHEAP. We have prepared this CHEAP Gossip Studio for you, the public, with a Bar and sexy pre-pubescent Bar Workers, a Boutique with CHEAP necessities, a multi-functional stage that can also be used as a comfortable sitting area, and the CHEAPy Awards Video Installation Tower. (We’ll fix the fifth monitor tomorrow.) Special Highlight this year will certainly be our presentation of the first „CHEAPy Underground Über Alles Awards.“  WE have all seen enough awards ceremonies, with their bears and their bambis going to this one and that one. But, really, who wants an ugly bear, whether golden or teddy. They’re ugly. So we decided to amend this problem of these ugly awards, by granting something desirable, something sexually repulsive, something CHEAP, a CHEAPy. We will present CHEAPys in three glamorous ceremonies during the festival (Sunday at 8pm, Wednesday at 11:30 at night, and Friday at 6pm.) We hope to see you there.“

the CHEAPy Jingle:

Everybody wants a CHEAPy
Everybody wants to get one, grab one, have one
Make it theirs
And be the one to say at last I’m on my way
Taking it off with a CHEAPy
Getting it on with a CHEAPy
Going home with a CHEAPy

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