James Bolton, DREAM BOY, USA 2008
John Crowley, BOY A, UK 2007
Dror Moreh, SHARON, Israel, Deutschland 2007
James Benning, RR, USA 2007

- There’s a western on the TV. Wanna watch it with your dad?
- No, Sir.


“Ariel, Ariel, Ariel”

It’s all in the cards. Voting cards. Before each screening in the Panorama section the audience is handed out voting cards. “Leave them when your leaving, in the boxes, at the entrance,” explains the host, for instance CinemaxX 7’s “Oskar Roehler” (forthcoming). He’s raising the cards in the air, for everybody to see — sometimes one card, sometimes two. That’s where people start to getting confused.

A: What’s that card thing? Why two voting cards? It’s only one film––

B: They’re two polls. Hence, two cards.

A: There are sometimes two cards, not always.

B: It depends on the movie; if it is gay, or not.

A: Gay?

B: Yeah.

A: If it’s gay, the vote counts double?

B: No, there are two separate polls.

A: Straight and gay?

B: Kinda.

A: So, according to the number of cards given, you’re supposed to know what kind of movie you’re gonna see? That’s boring.

B: You know that anyway, before, or after. Depending on your being (extremely) well educated, or not.

A: Well, I often choose by title. You know, anything with “boy,” for instance, catches my attention.

B: Good.

A: No, not good. I went to see DREAM BOY, and got two cards; I went to see BOY A, and got one. Both flics were not gay, in the strict sense at least.

B: Gay strict? You know, taxonomies . . .

A: Is SHARON gay? Condie stars in it––

B: Of course not. It’s a propaganda film!!

A: Does Benning’s formalism qualify as gay?

B: That’s Forum, no cards.

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